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Guest Teachers

Bozeman Zen Group invites Zen teachers of note two or three times a year to lead weekend retreats. Occasionally, one will join via Zoom for a teaching. Teachers from Insight, Tibetan and other Buddhist lineages also visit, sponsored by the Bozeman Dharma Center or another BDC group.

Nomon Tim Burnett of Red Cedar Zen Community
September 26 – 29, 2024

Join the Bozeman Zen Group in welcoming Zen teacher, SAVE THE DATES for a genuine sesshin right at the BDC. There will zazen, service, dharma talk, oryoki (formal eating) practice. Times TBD.  Updates as we go!

Sokaku Kathie Fischer – returns to the Bozeman Zen Group, May 3 – 5, 2024! A Weekend on the Therigatha – Teachings of the First Buddhist Women.

We will consider the lives and teachings of early Elder Buddhist nuns through their stories, poems, and histories. These poignant tales of courage, tragedy and commitment can inspire us in our lives even 2500 years later.

With a mixture of zazen, stories, poems and dialogue we will enjoy the weekend with Kathie, our good friend and teacher. Register HERE.