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Ethics and Practical Guidelines

Being aware of our actions in body, speech, and mind.

It is important for all who participate in our Zen practice to feel as safe and supported as possible. Be assured that we at BZG will treat each person with dignity and respect. We also request that participants follow the intent of our gatherings, which is to provide a quiet space for the deep practice of self-discovery and liberation from suffering.

All visitors, members, and participants in Bozeman Zen Group events agree to abide by the Ethical Guidelines of our community.

These guidelines encourage us to become more aware, to learn about our minds, and to open our hearts to kindness and generosity. If you experience difficulty in following any of these guidelines, or if you feel that others are not following them, please seek guidance and support from a teacher, board member, or EAR (Ethics and Reconciliation) Committee member.

View and download our Ethics Guide here.

The Bodhisattva Precepts – The path of mercy for all existence The Ethical Guidelines of the Bozeman Zen Group are based on the 16 Bodhisattva Precepts of Soto Zen. Precept study is a recommended part of Soto Zen training. All who follow our Ethical Guidelines are welcome to practice with us, regardless of their relationship to the precepts or other Zen Buddhist teachings.