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Vasubandhu’s 30 Verses – finishing up!!!

Join us on Sunday mornings, 8:00 am – 10 am beginning August 6, 2017 for zazen, tea  and study of the ancient and illuminating teaching of Yogacara – the study of our flow of consciousness. We are using Ben Connelly’s book Inside Vasubandhu’s Yogacara. We will conclude mid-February 2018 

DHARMA TALKS – Monday Evenings


Karen DeCotis – Monday, January 8 – To Begin Again

Karen DeCotisMonday, January15 – Zen Forms & the Embodiment of Wisdom

Amy Strom – Monday, January 22 – Waking up & Growing Up

Traditional Practice night – Monday, February 5

Karen DeCotis – Monday, February 12 –  Case 4 from The Book of Serenity: The World Honored One Points to the Ground , –

Rev. Bill Milton – Monday, February 19 –  Right Effort – an excerpt is below (This will be rescheduled due to weather – stay tuned)

For the bodhisattva whose sole purpose is to alleviate the suffering of all beings, each path, each vow, each action, are inseparable expressions of the same mindful practice. Wholeheartedly practicing one is a wholehearted practice of them all. My talk will explore the emphasis of Right Effort, one activity of Buddha’s Eightfold Noble Path. In Inside Vasubandhu’s Yogacara , Ben Connelly shares that early Buddhist texts explained it with a four-part formula: making effort so that harmful states do not arise, harmful states that have arisen cease, beneficial states arise, and beneficial states that are present continue. How do we embody this practice in our daily lives?

Traditional Practice night – Monday, March 5

Karen DeCotis – Monday, March 12 – Right Mindfulness and Right Concentration

Bill SalsmanMonday, March 19 (new date) – The Habit of Picking Flowers

Amy Strom – Monday, March 26

Traditional Practice night – Monday, April 2 


Buddha’s Parinirvana CeremonyMonday, February 19, 7:45 pm after zazen and before talk

Buddha’s Birthday –WESAK ceremony, Wednesday, May 29 starting at 5:00pm, to celebrate Buddha’s birth, enlightenment, and Parinirvana. BRING FLOWERS :) This will be a Dharma Center wide event!  Children welcome! More info here: About the Wesak Event

Buddha’s Enlightenment Saturday, December 8, during 1/2 day sit


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