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Current for 2019

Sunday mornings, Ongoing for January – March – Lectures and discussion on Suzuki-roshi’s talks compiled by Rev. Ed Brown in Not Always So.

DHARMA TALKS – Monday Evenings

Monday, January 7 – Traditional Practice Night

Monday, January 14 – Help from the Zen Ancestors – Karen DeCotis

Monday, January 21 – The Four Dragons – part 1 – Ron Davis

Monday, January 28 – The Four Dragons – part 2 – Ron Davis

The Four Dragon two-session class will briefly present the lives and teachings of Chinese Ancestors: Bodhidharma, Huineng, Mazu and Shitou. All schools of Zen trace their lineage back to these masters of Emptiness. Understanding their history and how they embodied their teachings will enhance our personal practice. It will deepen our appreciation for their wise transmission of the Dharma and give us a sense of connection with the timeless flow of Zen.

February 4 – Traditional Practice Evening
February 11 – Karen DeCotis: Chinese Ancestor Dongshan
February 18 – Karen DeCotis: Indian Ancestor Prajnatara
February 25 – Suzuki Roshi video


Monday, February 18 – Parinirvana Ceremony to commemorate the passing of the Buddha

Monday,  May 13 –  Wesak: a celebration of Buddha’s Birthday, Buddha’s Enlightenment, Buddha’s Parinirvana. Wonderful for children – includes flower arbor decoration, offerings, chanting and treats!

Saturday, December 7 – Buddha’s Enlightenment during 1/2 day sitting

Mondays: Bodhisattva Ceremonies TBD

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