Upcoming Highlights:

Welcome to the website of the Bozeman Zen Group, a sangha of lay practitioners in Bozeman, Montana. We provide a supportive community for people interested in Zen practice. We sponsor a twice-weekly schedule of seated meditation and dharma discussion, and several longer retreats a year. You’re welcome to participate whether you are a new or continuing student of Buddhism. You are also free to participate if you practice another faith or religious tradition.

We are pleased to have joined the Bozeman Dharma Center – a home for three Buddhist sanghas. Visit us there at Bozeman Dharma Center.

Meeting Location:
Bozeman Dharma Center
1019 East Main Street, Suite 202 upstairs

How to contact us:
Bozeman Zen Group
P.O. Box 1951
Bozeman, MT 59771
(406) 600-0918, email: Bozeman Zen Group

Bozeman Zen Group is a 501c3 organization.

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